We’re delighted to offer our clients an award-winning skincare line only available through medically trained professionals.

Environ Skincare Products
Environ SkinCare Products

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Investing in your well-being with our Fresh Pearl MedSpa esthetic treatments will be further enhanced with a customized skin care regimen.

The Environ skin care line was developed by world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Des Fernandez, a pioneer in successfully incorporating vitamin A and antioxidants into cosmetic products. Environ is a globally recognized leader in skin care, earning the Swiss Vitamin Institute’s seal of approval.

The Environ product line includes products with varying intensities and levels of active ingredients, including vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants, peptides, growth factors and alpha hydroxy acid.

Below are the Environ products available in our medspa. We will help you develop a skin care regimen best suited for your skin.

Environ SkinCare Skin EssentiA

Skin EssentiA®

The Skin EssentiA range is a series of products that provide for a complete skin care program. This skincare range has been scientifically researched and perfected to deliver a balance of vitamin A, C and a variety of antioxidants. The concentration of vitamins A and C increase in the step-up system of the moisturizers. The moisturizers assist in providing ideal nourishment and create the appearance of a smoother skin resulting in a youthful looking skin with a radiant glow.

Skin EssentiA is ideal for people with fair skin (Fitzpatrick 1-3) and those who are new to professional skincare products.

Environ SkinCare Youth EssentiA

Youth EssentiA®

With Youth EssentiA, you experience the future of youthfulness with our new premium Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ range. It contains a highly effective combination of powerful vitamins, antioxidants and peptides that help to create healthier looking skin that glows with youthful radiance.

Youth EssentiA is ideal for people who completed the Skin EssentiA steps and are looking to further their youthful appearance.

Environ SkinCare BodyRange

Body EssentiA®

The Environ Body Range is an extension of skin care using rich vitamins and antioxidants to moisturize effectively for healthy looking, radiant and smooth skin. This complete line is designed for photo-aging on the arms, legs and the torso.

Environ Focus Care Range

Focus Care™ Range

The Focus Care Range is ideal for normalizing skin abnormalities. The Focus Care line includes multiple product lines developed to specifically target aging skin concerns, dry skin, sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation and breakouts. These products are available as a kit and may be used in conjunction with the regular skincare line.

There are 5 lines within the Focus Care™ Range including:

The Focus Care™ Youth+ Range is ideal for treatment of visible signs of aging and giving your skin a more youthful appearance. This is a Vitamin A and antioxidant therapy that focuses on achieving younger-looking, smoother skin when added to your daily Vitamin Step-Up System routine.

The Focus Care™ Moisture+ Range is ideal for treating dehydrated, dull-appearing skin. Using the Moisture+ Range will enhance the appearance of your skin for silky-soft, healthier looking skin when combined with your daily Vitamin Step-Up System routine.

The Focus Care™ Comfort+ Range is designed specifically for those with sensitive skin. These products will relieve and soothe your skin when added to your daily Vitamin Step-Up System routine.

The Focus Care™ Radiance+ Range uses a revolutionary 3-step system with 4 innovative products working in synergy to treat hyperpigmentation. The combination has been scientifically developed to target the formation of pigment. The result is the appearance of evenly radiant healthy-looking skin when added to your daily Vitamin Step-Up System routine.

The Focus Care™ Clarity+ Range includes a 3-step phased skincare system to clean, control and clear the effects and root causes of breakouts. The result is the appearance of breakout free, healthy-looking skin.